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If you're thinking about creating a website, make the process much easier and faster by starting with a good Content Management System (CMS). A CMS will help you and your collaborators design, build and expand a website without having to touch a line of html markup, css syntax or javascript code.

  1. What To Look For In A CMS
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What To Look For In A CMS


Good Content Management Systems have strong communities. An active support forum on the CMS website can help get your questions answered quickly.


Even if you're a CSS wizard, using a pre-designed theme is the fastest way to get a website online.  All of the most popular frameworks will have many themes to select from. And if you grow tired of the theme you selected for your website, one of the biggest advantages of using a CMS is the ability to change to a different design with just a few clicks.


If you're looking for a website with more than just static content you'll want a CMS with a healthy selection of addons. Dynamic features like shopping carts, discussion forums, and guestbooks typically aren't built in to default cms installations but can often be easily added.

How To

With a CMS, anyone can create a website in just a few minutes. The most popular systems even provide free installations, premium installations with custom domain names, or the option to download the cms software for installation on your own server.  Note: Instructions for installing each system on your own server is beyond the scope of this guide but can easily be found in the documentation for each CMS.

  1. First, test drive a few different content management systems to get an idea how they work. Once you select a CMS and build your site, switching to a different CMS becomes more difficult so make sure you're comfortable with your choice.
  2. Once you've found a system you like, click the "Create Website" link under the "Free" or "Premium" heading.
  3. Enter some information (name, description, etc) about you and your website and poof, your website will be created.

Content Management Systems has all of the most popular Content Management Systems to choose from.